Akibsoftech Portfolio:

Domain Registration Testimonials:

1. I used Akibsoftech.com to set up my Dating website. I had no idea how to get a domain name or set up a website much less that I needed web hosting. I found out through Akibsoftech.com it was easier to set up than choosing my wedding flower arrangements . I still use my site to update news about Dating" - Christain Vincent .M



2. " You are fabulous in customer service, just as you were when I first registered and started trying to figure out this Internet and domain stuff as a novice. You have always been most polite and helpful. If you could clone it or teach it effectively, you would rich rich rich. Thanks again for your wonderful personality that comes through even in an email. " - David .



Web Hosting Testimonials:

1. " I had one angry customer who complained to my old hosting company and even though I had been a customer for 5 years they shut me down without ever hearing my side of the story. Worse still I was making thousands of dollars a day with sites sitting on that host and suddenly all those sites were taken down and I was left high and dry. Fortunatly the folks at Akibsoftech came to the rescue, they got my server migration started at 1am and it was 100% complete like nothing had ever changed within 24 hours! Thanks to Akibsoftech I only lost 1 day's worth of revenue, without them it could have been a week or more. If you are looking for a great server, and fanatical support at an excelent price look no further Akibsoftech is where it's at. " - Marcia K. Denison.


2. " I cannot speak high enough about this company, I am still in the moving process and this company is top notch, with answering questions, support, assistance, recommendations. " - Richards.



Website Design Testimonials:

1." When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites, there is no company that can surpass Akibsoftech. Thanks to their talent, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket. In this day and age, it is impossible to get ahead as a business without the support of gurus like Akibsoftech standing behind you. " - Sanjay Sharma.



2. " We have used Akibsoftech for two corporate websites, for different companies, in the past 4 years. In both cases we have had outstanding results. Coordination from concept, through design to implementation and follow-up has been excellent. " - Andraid Pil.



Website Development Testimonials:


1. " I am extremely happy to have worked with such an amazing company. They do fantastic quality web Development work, excellent service, and are easy to work with. I strongly recommend anyone who wants a proffesional website to work with them" - Robinson.


2. " You have been one of the best developers I have ever worked with. If one dreams of an idea, you make it happen with ease and calm. You have excellent technical and interpersonal skills and you got my website development and design project done to my amazement and satisfaction!!! You have done an excellent job and I am very satisfied client.

The team are easy to work with, always reply when we contact them and go the extra mile suggesting applications on the admin panel to make the whole site manageable. Well done and we look forward to continuing to work with the team over the next 12 months. . " - John Wayne.



Internet Marketing Testimonials:


1. " We are very pleased with Akibsoftech's level of commitment, dedication, and turnaround times on our projects. Their development team is very keen on change requests and communication. They have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver quality solutions. We highly recommend Akibsoftech Internet Marketing Services."- Nathan Clayton.


2. " I have been a regular client of Akibsoftech for about eight years– providing candid input and sage counsel. His business and Internet experience makes it possible to make informed decisions on the spot. When called upon to handle involved projects, he follows through in a timely fashion and on budget. It's great having him on the team! " - Mark Lei.



Pay Per Click Testimonials:


1. " We've seen a huge improvement in terms of new business from the website which effectively means that it is self-financed. We even reached our annual revenue goal 6 months early! Akibsoftech Pay-Per-Click really works for us! " - Srinivasan Nayar.


2." We have been impressed with Akibsoftech's specialist knowledge of Search Engine Marketing. Their professional approach and keen understanding of our business led us to choose them as our SEO and PPC partners. At the moment we are working and investing with Akibsoftech over a totally new brand website, search engine optimisation and new PPC campaigns. As they say, with Akibsoftech we received lot of clicks without tricks. ” - Stephen Berg.

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